aquarius- january 21 - february 19

what is energy
it's what you eat
it's what you breathe
it's what you think
it permeates throughout your being
and serves a link to all other energies
that's anything and everything
moving light that you have never seen
and light carries information
without hesitation vibrations glean
through the constellation, manifestation stimulated
better destination, total creation realizations
and mental concentration
(universal quest)

pisces- february 20 - march 20
to all my little shorties comin up in school
don't forget what they said about the golden rule
do unto others as you would have them do unto you
your life is what you make it and that's true
(keep your head to the sky)

aries- march 21 - april 20
you must understand
it's never too late to lose who you are
and choose who you are supposed to be
supposed to become
you've been in and out
up and down, back and forth
backwards around
(spread your wings)

taurus- april 21 - may 21
now check it, give me a second to unwind
you'll find all the pain and
misery that nearly blew my mind
cant no fame and shivery compare to losing time
i'll explain my history aboard the cools at nine
don't be late, cuz i would hate to cross the seven seas
in the windy breeze, without your fantasies
(let's just do it)

gemini- may 22 - june 21
let me address the issue
i'm super not superficial
spoil me
the only statement i'm makin' is royalties
seven digits never under my bank account
hold numbers like your phone number, plus area code
gamble with your career
go ahead chance her
see what happened with scrubs on my records
deserve answers

cancer- june 22 - july 22
so many signs involving the way that my life is portrayed through the eyes of others
this is the real deal, still what would you feel
breaking the ice, darkness appears the fan is so close to my heels
no fears of chills i just stand relaxed
(neva will eye eva)

leo- july 23- august 21
i, come to deliver, a message so clear
do or die, the consequences, ain't nothing to fear
who am i?
i be the giver, i ride with the wind
i'm beginning to redeliver, one deeper within
if you believe, won't wait for long
better stop, look and listen and pay attention to what's goin on
analyze and disguise before the bass is low
recognize, the truth lies within this danger zone
when i say danger, my body emits
chemicals straight to the brain so that i'm fully equipped
i contain my mental anger
by letting it rip
from the chords in my pores
to the rhymes i commit

virgo- august 22 - september 23
remember way back in the day
when the kids from around the way
used to come out and play
and the double dutch bus
had you bumpin' on down the street
tryin' to move your feet
while you shake your little booty
to the groove of the beat
to the beat
(the block party)

libra- september 24 - october 23
this is not the time to be shy
let your hair down, grab a guy
move your hips till they separate
from your torso, the lower you go
so low you touch the floor
come back up and crank it some more
(crank it)

scorpio- october 24- november 22
caught up in situations detrimental to me
and i been through every one for the world to see
that time is always movin' situations do change
and few don't always work out just the way that we plan
(let me live)

sagittarius- november 23 - december 22

i see the invisible spirits, walkin' along the physical mind
of a crazy individual
where demons still find it livable
i need a hug to hold my soul inside my body
i got the secret here
yeah, i should have told somebody

capricorn- december 23 - january 20
maybe we just don't understand
the spirits that still walk the land
or whatever the case
i believe that we all still remain
to share the same space
(a new star is born)